BORIS JOHNSON was enthusiastically welcomed during the time of Brexit and leaving the EU, and voted for with total trust to become Prime Minister.

Voting Labour all my life there was trust in him to do what is right. Alas the trust is gone.

First for keeping Dominic Cummings against all sense of right and, secondly, relaxing lockdown so people can meet, especially the vulnerable while at the same time knowing there could be another peak of Covid-19.

It is surely lambs to the slaughter. What, may I ask is the motive?

People are being encouraged to risk their lives for the sake of the economy and I believe it is the Prime Minister’s potential downfall.

So we say, get your priorities right Prime Minister, and do what you say you are doing, working for the people. Not for money, but for lives!

Judith Kendall, Newton Aycliffe