FOLLOWING your article “Democracy to be re-launched in Darlington after 100 days” (Echo, May 29), I have been surprised to see an administration so underprepared for this outcome.

I have heard from many people like me who take with a pinch of salt the statement from Darlington council leader Heather Scott that they have “been keen to start meetings as soon as practicably possible”.

While the council cabinet has dithered for 100 days, important decisions affecting our community have been left to unelected officials and responsible cabinet members without question or scrutiny. This is not good enough and Darlington deserves better from its elected individuals.

We have learned from hundreds of years of our democratic process that taking in the views of a wider spectrum of voices leads to better decision making.

Could it be that this ineptitude comes from an administration that cannot keep up with the times (as the rest of the world has) by adopting technological solutions to these problems or is it simply that Darlington Conservatives are taking a lead from their national ‘leadership’, ie we will do what we want and ignore the public when they disagree.

Thom Robinson, Darlington Green Party