LABOUR folk are good at criticising everything Boris Johnson is doing, however, without workable alternatives such criticism is worthless and I say this as a lifelong socialist.

Assuming Labour were in government, what exactly would have been their plan, given 20 years of “screwing the NHS” and social care? Labour would have had the same constraints as Mr Johnson. As far as I can see the only plus may have been a bio-fence immediately put around the most vulnerable in society, ie care homes, both private and council-run. Had that been done then large numbers would not have ended up in hospital and become avoidable casualties. Few of the UK’s casualty figures have been “fit” folks, a point which requires ruthless investigation – heads need to roll, some folks may think by the guillotine, considering the old folks seem to have initially been abandoned as expendable.

G B Butler, Stockton-on-Tees.