HAVING read through the many and varied letters regarding Dominic Cummings’ coming and goings, I cannot help but think that a lot of them in the various newspapers are from Labour MPs and belligerent Tory backbenchers who are only interested in gaining political points. Most are still wet behind the ears.

Are we supposed to believe that none of these so-called representatives of the electorate have not flouted the rules once in a while?

Okay, Mr Cummings can be a bit of a loose cannon at times, but I think his concern for the wellbeing of his family is to be admired not condemned.

Are the same people who are complaining going to ask the editors of the many reporters who daily disobey the social distancing rules to dismiss them? I think not.

Surely there are more interesting topics to report, for example, why did Durham County Council ignore the public’s concern about the moving of County Hall to The Sands?

Imagine the chaos to be caused in Claypath and the immediate area when home time comes around each day.

Brian Wood, Carrville.