ON Saturday morning I witnessed an impatient driver sounding his car horn and shouting abuse at three cyclists, who retaliated by shouting at the driver.

This can only get worse as more people take to the roads on bikes either to get to work, or to enjoy exercise.

Other towns and cities are already making huge changes to accommodate this. There are cycle lanes in Darlington, mostly used for parking outside residential properties.

People will take to the pavements, making things worse for pedestrians.

The council has to get real on cycle lanes. There are too few of them, and they are being misused.

It would be good to know that any new office blocks in town had adequate parking within a secure space to encourage anyone thinking of cycling to work in future.

The benefits in reducing pollution are obvious.

How many councillors will cycle to the town hall when meetings start again?

As one famous politician once said “on your bike”.

Alexandra Bailey, Darlington