DURING a lockdown clearance of old papers I found an interesting document.

Despite coming from 2015 it relates directly to David Taylor-Gooby’s column (Echo, May 22) and Peter Winstanley’s letter (HAS, May 23).

It is a flyer from NHS Reinstatement headed “The NHS is being broken apart” and goes on to say “The Health and Social Care Act removed the Secretary of State’s legal duty to provide hospitals, ambulances, nursing and medical service. This is the endgame for the NHS in England, we need to reinstate the duty to provide care.”

Sadly, this campaign seems not to have been successful. As Mr Winstanley pointed out.

The British Medical Journal said in 2020: “Neglect of social care shames the UK.” They called for an integrated and publicly accountable national health and social care system.

It is said that you never appreciate what you have until you lose it. However sometimes, in a democracy what you get is what was voted for.

Bill Bartle, Barnard Castle.