I AM disgusted by some of the remarks made regarding the Prime Minister, the Government and those of us who voted Conservative.

Do people honestly believe that this Government wishes the people of the country harm?

At the beginning of the pandemic we were warned of the massive loss of life we could expect and, although unbelievable, those dreadful words have come true.

Yet we have people like Michael Potter (HAS, May 13) ridiculing the Prime Minister. He is obviously a disgruntled Labour, or worse, voter. Just imagine the situation we would be in now if Jeremy Corbyn was running the country with his mathematical sidekick Diane Abbot.

I’m afraid playing the blame game is childish and totally inappropriate at a time like this.

The PPE problem is further down the supply chain. Does Mr Potter honestly think that Boris Johnson rings around manufacturers himself? No, it’s a long chain and a weak link is all that’s is needed to cause havoc.

Let’s face it, there are plenty of weak links in all walks of life, such as those who chose to ignore the Government safety recommendations.

Yes, it’s right to be upset but blaming one man for the problem is wrong. No matter who was in power, we would have the same problems.

John Cumberland, Rushyford