THE furore surrounding Dominic Cummings cannot possibly have any basis in truth unless his wife Mary Wakefield wrote a fictitious article in the Spectator in April. And why would she do that?

She wrote that her husband rushed home and “collapsed” which ties in with him rushing away from Downing Street on March 27 following the news that Boris Johnson had coronavirus and he was then so ill that “Dom couldn’t get out of bed...for ten days he lay doggo with a high fever” before they both “emerged from quarantine into the comical uncertainty of London lockdown” on April 6. Now surely his wife would know?

The dates tie in, the ten days of bed ridden incapacity for Mr Cummings also ties in.

So how are the sightings in Durham explained? Easy! Dominic Cummings must have a twin and for some reason the family don’t want people to know this. There is also another explanation of course. Mary Wakefield’s story in the Spectator was a fabrication. In which case she should either resign or be sacked.

Ian Thompson, Spennymoor