I HAVE just read the letter (HAS, May 20) from a gentleman from Hurworth condemning Councillor John Shuttleworth when he was asking people to stay away from Weardale.

Even before the lockdown was lifted slightly, there were people parking; having picnics and barbecues on the moorland above Frosterley and Stanhope.

On occasions I have gone up there and walked when no one was around. The litter they left was disgusting.

Over the past weekend, the traffic was dreadful; motor bikes racing through the villages; the visitors and cars parked on both the moorland and in Stanhope was dreadful.

As well as the local farmers having trouble with walkers, some visitors have ignored distancing in shops which are trying their best to keep locals provided with food as well as healthy.

Cllr Shuttleworth, as well as most people in our communities in Weardale, are working hard to make sure we are all well taken care of and should be commended for their hard work.

Judith Bainbridge, Frosterley.