THE recent changes in the Government’s Covid-19 Guidelines are now clearly exposing the prejudice, ignorance and intolerance of certain elements within our society.

I would suggest that Cllr John Shuttleworth in his letter entitled “Stay at home” (HAS, May 19) in which he urged people not to visit Weardale takes the time to understand these revised guidelines, ie that we are now all free to travel, by private vehicle, any distance to any destination in order to enjoy outside space.

Individuals and organisations who express such bigoted opinions may feel that they make the law, but fortunately for us all they do not.

Therefore, I will continue to enjoy riding my motorcycle through Weardale or indeed anywhere else I choose, while observing all road laws and social distancing guidelines.

I also believe that the vast majority of motorcyclists will do the same.

Ian Holme, Hurworth