HAVING worked in pre-school and nursery education for more than 20 years I have a simple question for this government to digest.

Have any of the Tory cabinet ever visited a nursery school? I have my doubts because there is no way on earth social distancing can be enforced for reception and year one children right now.

Nursery classrooms are arranged in such a way to make learning play-based for children to develop skills through close social interaction

The typical nursery class is carefully composed. You may have a sand pit, water-play area, a corner for arts and crafts, a section for dressing-up, apparatus for minor physical education and a quiet winding-down corner for reading and puzzles.

You cannot keep young children at arm’s length as they move from one area of activity to another.

Whoever advised the PM that reopening early learning schools on June 1 is a winner needs to get themselves back to school smartish for immediate re-education.

Stephen Dixon, Redcar

IT comes as no surprise that only a tiny minority of parents are comfortable with the Government’s decision to re-open primary schools (Echo, May 12). 

It will be impossible to get four and five year olds to observe social distancing, making it inevitable that they will transmit the virus to each other and take it home to their families. 

Despite assurances from the Government that children are less likely to become seriously ill, examples of babies and children dying are beginning to emerge. 

Of course it is desirable to get parents back to work, which is the main reason for his reckless decision, but to put children, teachers and their respective families in danger is wrong. 

Company directors may be happy to see their production lines re-opening, however, the lives of children and their families must take priority. 

At least the Government is not forcing parents to comply, which means those unwilling to risk their child’s health can keep them safe at home.

Stephen Warren, Durham