APPROXIMATELY five years ago I suffered a stroke. The effects weren’t just physical, but included partial memory loss, impaired reasoning and a slight personality change. I was told these may return in time.

Recently I had what was very likely a mini-stroke. Whilst there were no physical changes I started to feel and think more like my old self.

Following my recent letter to the Echo (HAS, May 6), I had a conversation with two people, during which a matter of the past was brought up.

The only way I can explain it is by bringing up the past it acted as a trigger causing lost memories to return. Within a short time much of my old self has returned.

Whilst others (perhaps much wiser heads) would remain silent over this, my conscience and belief in people taking responsibility for their actions, stops me from doing so.

Consequently, not only do I retract all negative comments I’ve made concerning the Labour dominated council, councillors and MPs (past and present), but I wish to use this paper as a means by which I can publicly apologise not only to them, but to any and all whom I’ve offended over the recent years.

CT Riley, Spennymoor