AFTER a visit to Wilko at Hartlepool on Thursday (May 14), I returned home in a state of sheer panic.

I was sure my wallet was in the inside pocket of my jacket but on returning home it was nowhere to be found.

I stripped the car to no avail.

I remember I had my phone and wallet on arrival at Hartlepool so I rang Hartlepool Police who simply apologised for my loss, as due to the rules regarding Covid, no property whatsoever was being accepted so I simply gave up. I was resigned to my wallet plus my licence and bus pass all gone.

About 4.30pm there was a knock at our front door.

My wife stood in sheer amazement as a man put my wallet next to our front door.

He simply asked: “Does Kenneth live here”. My wife was gobsmacked.

The man said: “He dropped his wallet in Hartlepool and I have returned it quickly so he doesn’t have to cancel everything.”

The man was beaming as my wife said: “He has been in a state over it.”

His task completed, this knight in shining armour jumped into his Mercedes car and drove off not allowing my wife to get his details.

This selfless man drove from Hartlepool to Ferryhill to return my wallet.

What an act of outstanding kindness.

Please pass on to this individual, whoever he is, my deepest thanks for this wonderful gesture.

Ken Thompson, Ferryhill