ON Tuesday night’s TV news we were treated to the BBC’s Laura “Doomsberg” interrogating Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

On the future of Great Britain’s economy, she asked: “Do you think it’s possible to avoid a deep recession?”

News flash, Laura. We’re in the deepest recession this country’s ever been in. We’ll be in greater debt than we were at the end of the Second World War. Our grandchildren will still be footing the bill.

Who on earth checks the questions they’re going to ask? A couple of evenings ago, Beth Rigby on Sky News was asking any Conservative MP she could find: “Would you now like to apologise for current situation to the country for PPE shortages, testing and everything else really?”

I know this horrific pandemic has devastated everyone’s lives and killed many loved ones and we don’t know how long it will go on for, but no government has had chance for a practice run, sadly.

I wondered if Ms Rigby would have asked Winston Churchill the day after VE Day: “Would you now like to apologise for not building enough Spitfires, prior to the war?”

On a lighter note, I’ve heard Diane Abbot’s up in Scotland touring. Surely Laura “Doomsberg” could join her, apparently she’s looking for Loch Doon.

Everyone stay safe.

Rod Pybus, Hurworth.