I AGREE completely with Bev Hutchinson’s letter headed “Housing anger” (HAS, May 11). Our councillors either have very short memories or no interest or understanding of our local natural heritage. During lockdown while clearing out a cupboard I came across a very interesting leaflet produced by our own council in conjunction with sponsors The Forestry Commission, Northern Rock Foundation, The Tees Forest, Tees Valley Arts and The Heritage Lottery Fund.

The leaflet begins “Open your eyes, open your ears, connect to nature’s green heart. Exploring Skerningham County Woodland.”

It goes on to state “Skerningham Woods is a community woodland lying within a big sweep of the River Skerne and provides the people of Darlington with the largest area of accessible countryside available to them.”

It goes on: “The woodland occupies the most scenic part of Darlington’s urban fringe. It sits in a small valley occupied by the River Skerne. It is home to badgers, hares, a wide variety of bird life using the river corridor. The river is home to water voles and there have been reports of otters making a comeback.”

The leaflet then goes on to reproduce a sample of the poems written by the pupils of Whinfield Primary School as part of the Green Hearts project to enhance children’s understanding of their local natural heritage. How can our council possibly justify destroying this unique area, our natural heritage?

Margaret Moyes, Darlington.