AM I alone in being sick of this government’s “four-nation” Covid-19 lockdown release announcements of Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the UK parliaments.

If Boris, the prime minister, speaks, then surely he has a mandate to speak about the whole UK? He is definitely not talking solely about England. The English appear to have no individual representation?

How long will the English put up with this unfair situation?

We need a closed list, proportional representation, elected, English Assembly based in the North that would be suitable to represent us.

It is unfair that the Scottish, Welsh and Ulster folk can just ignore some of Boris’s lockdown instructions whilst the English cannot even question them!

Boris now seems to be rushing things and appears to see himself as a president rather than a Prime Minister.

He just ignored the correct cautious advice of fellow elected UK leaders. You only have to look at recent data whereby South Korea and Germany have both loosened lockdown restrictions just at a time when their ‘R’ value is now on the rise again.

Mark Anderson, Middleton St George