THE Ashley years at Newcastle United have been a dismal experience for Newcastle United supporters.

A continual lack of ambition on the pitch has been matched by a continual stream of off the pitch controversies involving Mike Ashley and his company, Sports Direct, which have left a stain on the reputation of Newcastle United.

However, I fear that that stain will seem as nothing if the proposed takeover by members of the Saudi regime goes ahead.

The evidence is clear.

The Saudi regime includes murderers and torturers. They have no respect for women’s rights. They have long been involved in a murderous campaign against the Yemen, as their bombs kill children - the same Yemen as South Shields has strong links with going back one hundred years.

I care deeply about the reputation of both Newcastle as a city and Newcastle United as a football club.

It should concern all who live in the area and all who support the club that we are going down a dark road if the Saudi regime take over.

I just want to see a Newcastle United I can be proud of, both on and off the pitch. Is that really too much to ask for?

Peter Sagar, Newcastle