DOUBLE standards I fear undermine common sense and self-preservation.

There I was stood like a good little soldier, more than two metres away from my next in line, as quiet as a mouse not even talking for fear of cross contamination, gladly adhering to safety requests.

I don’t want to die or be responsible for killing someone as I’m waiting to go into M&S at St. Helens, Bishop Auckland.

Then once inside I witness three members of staff walking in close proximity to each other, talking, one even coughing, then as I’m leaving the store – shock horror – are my eyes deceiving me, no it’s not an April Fool, I witness the guy allowing customers into the store on a one in one out basis, passing his high visibility coat to another member of staff taking over his watch! Surely M&S could push the boat out to afford two coats?

Mind you the colour of this one looked as though it had belonged to a well-worked construction worker – not a great advert for a supposedly respected supermarket chain?

John Cumberland, Rushyford.