AT this present moment nobody, and I mean nobody, knows what is happening or indeed for how long it is going to stay with us.

I, like many others, are panicking, parts of me are twitching.

It is good of the retailers in the food sector to acknowledge the hard work of the NHS staff of all categories, I thank you all, as do people I know, for your hard work and dedication.

A friend went to shop and was horrified to learn that “certain essential items” that are needed to survive had their prices increased by over £1.

I can remember my uncle mentioning profiteering and told me that during the war (sorry Uncle Albert) you could be shot for such an act, however the customers rebelled and the prices went back to normal.

Well, let us all try to grin and bear things, so it’s doors locked, heads down and get on with it, for how long we don’t know.

While we’re all locked in, please give a thought to the truck drivers who are up early to get the food on the shelves. Stay safe and be vigilant.

Peter C Clark, Durham.