WITH regards to the current coronavirus situation and all coffee shops and basically anywhere else selling takeaway tea and coffee being closed.

What about when they re-open, on the first visit they supply the first brew for free, but the cup will be a cup for life and will cost say £3. If you don’t like the idea to start with and just want an ordinary cup of which there are some still in the shops, you pay for the drink plus 50p for the cup.

When the supply of paper cups are gone, you will have no choice but to buy a cup for life. Every shop, cafe and everyone selling tea and coffee will have to take part, no exceptions.

The good thing about cups for life they are slightly heavier than paper ones so are less likely to accidentally fall out of car windows and people’s hands.

I think now everyone realises the world will be a different place when we come out of the current situation.

I hope everyone stays safe and well.

David Price, Ferryhill.