MARK ANDERSON’S attack on the Conservative Party for not looking after the self-employed is both ill-timed and totally wrong (HAS, Mar 28).

I’m self-employed and have been all my working life and I think the Government is handling this pandemic amazingly well under the circumstances – and what circumstances they are.

For the Prime Minister, having just taken the helm, to be faced with this disaster is indeed a monumental task – I for one feel it has been taken head on.

We must be behind our Government and its leader. Detrimental remarks made in haste will bite you in the behind.

The financial amounts being dished out are of a vast, unimaginable scale and we are being taken care of far better than any other affected country.

I’m afraid it’s not a case of what we haven’t got, but what we have – our cup is more than half full.

John Cumberland, Rushyford.