I HOPE the anti-immigration brigade from the Conservatives and the Brexit Party are examining not only their politics, but their consciences too.

There are 50,000 overseas-born doctors working for the NHS who are currently working long hours in terribly risky conditions trying to save the lives of those critically ill with coronavirus – covid-19.

Unlike most of the elite of society who will only do something for someone else if they can line their pockets in the process, our doctors, whether UK or overseas-born, ask for nothing for themselves other than personal protective equipment and adequate life-saving machinery.

In addition, there are hundreds of thousands of overseas-born nurses, paramedics, hospital technicians and domestic staff trying to keep people alive and care home residents safe for basic salaries below £25,000 per year.

They are the people who really contribute to our society, not the Richard Bransons and Tim Martins of this world who laid people off as quickly as they could in order to safeguard their profits.

John Gilmore, Bishop Auckland.