I WAS not surprised to see the letter from Elaine Denny headed “HQ travesty” (HAS, Mar 27) regarding the actions of the leaders of Durham County Council.

This seems to be the standard way the hierarchy go about their business, do not ask the residents and tax payers of the county what they would like, just do as we say when it comes to their new headquarters.

The first public consultation given to the general public was after the planning was approved by themselves and a contract awarded.

This is to build a building – a concrete eyesore – on a red alert flood area including an area of land which does not even belong to them in a city centre.

While most other sensible councils are trying to reduce traffic in city centres they are bringing it into an area which will cause major congestion and massive emission problems.

They say the area they are leaving will be made into a new industrial estate giving 6,000 jobs. It’s nice to dream. The pollution that comes with it will be in the vicinity of housing and a major hospital. The so-called champion for carbon reduction, who sits on the planning committee and voted for this, did not seem to bring this to the committee.

The push for this HQ was from Councillor Simon Henig, the leader of the council, and the champion was councillor J D Clare. This at the moment, seems the way the council goes, including the council plan – resubmitted but flawed again.

I think now what comes to mind is the Labour leader, cabinet and champion are not fit for purpose.It’s time to stand down or next year, at the elections, let’s elect others who will listen to the people and not themselves.

J Armstrong, Newton Aycliffe.