I WAS outraged to see that at the beginning of last week Mike Ashley fully intended to keep his Sports Direct shops open, in the guise of keeping people healthy during the coronavirus.

In addition, he had apparently instructed that prices should be increased by up to 50 per cent.

This clearly demonstrates his willingness to take advantage of people who are all in a very difficult situation, for his financial gain, regardless of the risks he was exposing his staff, customers and the public to by ignoring advice.

He may have gained some respect if he had used some of his considerable wealth to offer support to those who are suffering now.

Can he possibly comprehend the predicament and concerns re their probable personal and financial losses that are predicted indefinitely.

Perhaps he could learn some common decency, by considering the acts of kindness of many good people, doing everything they can with little or no financial gain trying to support those in need, rather than taking advantage .

I sincerely hope that his customers repay his act of kindness and compassion by never visiting his shops again.

Perhaps then he may develop some empathy and understanding for others instead of himself .

V Saunders, Bishop Auckland