THE beginning of the coronavirus outbreak has been traced to a meat market in Wuhan, China.

Wuhan’s meat market is a disgrace where animals are tortured, defiled and eaten and I appeal to you all to research this disgusting act.

The coronavirus has spread worldwide bringing chaos and death to many countries. It is unprecedented and it is still killing loved ones.

I am a 73-year-old female with diabetes, so I am therefore classed as a high risk. I am very pleased with how the British Government is addressing this tragedy and with its whole handling of the situation. What I don’t understand is how Wuhan only closed its meat market for just three weeks and then they re-opened the self-same disgusting meat market?

After all the deaths and the whole chaos of this pandemic, why is China allowed to continue in this abhorrent way? Why?

Are all our leaders in every country, who have responsibility for their own people, afraid to challenge China about its way of life?

Why can’t all the leaders unite and stop the vileness in China or do we have to wait for another life threatening virus to take hold?

I understand about the trade situation. I understand that China has this barbaric unacceptable culture, but is it more important than human life?

Everyone out there – research China’s meat markets and see what you think about the danger of further pandemics and then ask why the situation in China can’t be brought under strict control. Please tell me why!

Marion Cowper, address supplied