WHAT I have seen and heard recently of people buying vast amounts of essential items at the shops is frankly disgusting.

Decisive action needs to be taken to put a stop to it by limiting the amount we all can buy of certain items, in that way all of us will have more than enough to go around.

And supermarkets should have looked after their regular online shoppers from the start who by and large are unable to physically get to the shops for various reasons.

In my opinion rationing needs to be introduced like during the war on certain items.

Malcolm Stephenson, Thornaby

Food shortages

I MADE a visit today to one of our local supermarkets and was shocked at all of the empty shelves and freezers.

For the past 50 years we have had our milk and eggs delivered with continuity.

I would recommend that people sort themselves out with a milkman.

There are plenty of them in this area, ours is Smith and Son from Spennymoor.

No bun fights in the shops for these commodities.

David Johnson, Bishop Auckland