I HAVE read several letters from Mike Taylor from Darlington who seems to be the only one touching on the subject of abortion.

I would like to let him know that he is not a lone voice in the wilderness. I totally agree with him.

Since the implementation of the Act in 1967, there have been 8,750,000 abortions in the UK. Just think of this number of babies terminated.

When the Act was introduced there were strict medical guidelines to allow this procedure. These guidelines seem to have gone by the board, with, in my opinion, most doctors rubber stamping the procedure. You only have to come to this conclusion by looking at the numbers.

The argument will be raised that it is a woman’s right to have an abortion. What about the right of the baby?

In my opinion this is the worst form of child abuse. I am talking about a baby here, not a foetus which lessens the reality of what is involved.

I realise that a lot of women only make this decision after a lot of heartache but others regard a pregnancy as an inconvenience and use it as a contraception. Again look at the figures: over 160,000 a year.

Thomas Ball, Barnard Castle