THE UK Government ought to give serious attention to eliminating faith schools, which serve no useful purpose.

In fact, it could reasonably be said they simply foster religious bigotry.

I had experience of this at St Mary’s College, Middlesbrough from 1951-56, when we got a lecture, re Kirby School girls (C of E).

It is not a state function to brainwash schoolkids with religion, for which nothing can be provided. A social studies discussion about the various world religions would be useful – but not brain washing.

If Jewish parents can ensure their children attend synagogue instruction and Islamists attend mosque, then there is simply no excuse for C of E and RC parents shirking these responsibilities.

I’ve long considered the planet would be a more much peaceful place if there was no religion at all.

How many untold millions have been slaughtered since the Crusades to date – and we still have learned nothing, and continue to act like primitives. Perhaps we take our clue from our Armani-suited incompetents in the House.

G B Butler, Stockton-on-Tees