ONE of today’s most fashionable and therefore overworked and over-played words has to be misogyny.

It is used unfortunately, whether or not it is appropriate, but that matters not at all.

Too often seemingly, it is compulsory for it to be worked into any article or statement criticising anything which contains an imagined prejudice against women, if even a hint of justified criticism is included. Criticise women? Heavens no, for that is misogyny.

The Mayor of London has called for misogyny to be declared a “hate crime”, but chose not to describe misandry, bias and animosity towards men, in the same terms, and require that it too become a “hate crime”.

Misandry is widespread and frequent in all the media and verbally, is not difficult to identify, yet it is totally ignored.

How often does one see or hear the word “misandry” when there is absolute evidence of it? Infrequently, if ever.

It appears that women can do no wrong, and men no right.

Bobby Meynell, Stockton-on-Tees