IN reply to David Essames from Milton Keynes (HAS, Mar 2) who was appalled by the suggestion that Locomotion No 1 should be moved permanently to the fabulous Shildon Locomotion museum from its rather gloomy present residence at Darlington’s Head of Steam museum, yes, it has resided in Darlington for many years but I feel now is the right time to show George Stephenson’s masterpiece to a much larger public – and Shildon is the right place to do so.

Mr Essames suggests lending the engine to Newcastle from Darlington to show it off. Apart from the cost and logistics of moving No 1 willy nilly, I feel it should be showcased at a venue we are proud of in a town with little other reason to visit it than for its railway heritage.

Obviously Mr Essames has visited both locations and has seen the advantages of each. In this day and age, cutting down on emissions etc by travelling from one to museum to the other is surely a good thing.

It would make sense to move all of Darlington worthwhile exhibits to Shildon making the Lovomotion museum even more spectacular.

John Cumberland, Rushyford