MIDDLESBROUGH council always likes to think big – and I don’t mean the size of the town’s potholes.

Boho X is coming your way, an ambitious plan to build the tallest office building anywhere from Leeds to Glasgow (Echo, Feb 25)

Whether they are long, short or tall, Middlesbrough council just can’t stop building them.

And with the ever generous Tees Valley Combined Authority part-funding this project, there’s never been a better time to waste good money on bad projects.

To offset part of the cost we hear companies have already paid hard cash up front to move in.

It’s amazing how all those £50 deposits will add up.

Middlesbrough really doesn’t need another office building. There’s the Centre Square development, £20m Grade A prime quality office space that opened only last year.

Remember the fanfare about the colossal businesses and thousands of jobs that were going to come in?

This is the British Isles, not the fantasy isles.

Office developments only benefit a certain group. Far too much cash is being frittered away on an endless stream of desk-jockey designers, pencil pushers, freeloaders, hangers-on, corporate lunches, freebie spa days, invisible entrepreneurs and life coach gurus.

Stephen Dixon, Redcar