ANY savings the police need to make can quite easily be made by the abolition of the Police and Crime Commissioner, together with all the entourage that they encompass.

They now have a Chief Executive, press officers, their own staff, and cost around half a million pounds plus a year to operate.

Prior to this function, there was a Durham Police Authority Committee which was open to public scrutiny, and was made up of Council Members.

The Police and Crime Commissioner is, in effect, a law unto himself.

Instead of Police sending begging letters to Council Members to purchase new vehicles, if the Police and Crime Commissioner was abolished, you could buy 50 brand new Berlingo vans and badge them up in Police livery.

Last year the Police Tax went up 13.2%, and this year it is just under 5%. Has anyone seen an 18% increase in Police presence?

Again, when the Labour Police and Crime Commissioner candidate knocks on your door, tell her where to go!

County Councillor John Shuttleworth, Durham County Council.