JOBCENTRE PLUS have now gone international.

The brains at the dole have been working overtime offering more international positions than ever before.

Among the most interesting ones that stood out were jobs in the French Foreign Legion.

A place you go to forget. Do remember the Job centre want you off the claimant count pronto and hope you do forget – to ever come back.

Another job, also in France, came up as a patrolling night watchman/porter based in the French Alps. One of the duties was making sure all areas around the hotel are well gritted and kept clear of snow.

There will be few takers for this job, though. Especially as a similar snow gritting job was advertised in the UK only last year, but was turned down by numerous applicants.

They argued that the Job centre did not offer them the snow shovelling post in the Summer, they’d be right mugs to take it in the Winter.

Stephen Dixon, Redcar.