THE Local Council’s Association national survey shows that the average age for councillors is 60.

On some local town councils such as Great Aycliffe, it is significantly higher.

Although the knowledge and experience older people bring is invaluable, it’s also important that young people are represented, and their voices heard too.

So, it is encouraging to see that Brandon Fleet is standing in the Woodham Ward by-election as the Labour candidate.

If Brandon wins he will be the youngest serving councillor in the UK, and with our Mayor at 94, being UK’s oldest, such a range in ages is to surely to be encouraged if our democratic systems are to reflective the diversity in our communities. It is refreshing to have a candidate who is willing to learn and has enthusiasm and new ideas, I hope other young people, seeing his example, will follow Brandon into local politics, because it is their future, so they should have a say.

Kathy Beetham, Newton Aycliffe.