TOP marks to the children in Reeth for writing to the council to request more bins (Echo, Feb 17).

It prompted me to have a theory, although I must put my hand up and confess I failed O Level physics, but then so did a lot of people with Nostradamus for a teacher.

Having seen evidence of lack of bins on rural rambles, my guess is that while gazing out of his laboratory window pondering on his theory of general relativity, Einstein spied a dodgy dog walker in the park opposite.

Thinking himself unobserved, the dog walker swiftly disposes of his bag of dogdoo up the nearest tree. Eureka! Quick as the speed of light squared Einstein has his famous equation, Energy (dog walker) = m mass (bag of dogdo) times c speed of light (bag travels into tree) squared.

That is my strong belief and as we are all too well aware, ignorance never stopped anyone having strong beliefs or writing to HAS about them.

M. Eason, Darlington.