CAN’T us ordinary people start to make small sacrifices to help with global warming?

I recently noticed that some crisps have gone down to 23g from what was 25g. Not a great change to the consumer, half a packet in every six pack, but to the manufacturers it will be massive over a short period.

First at our Christmas party, the crackers on the table, very nice to look at but really the contents – a little plastic frog and in the others, a plastic moustache and of course the two hilarious jokes – I think we could manage to get through without them.

All these straws and covers on drinks, we need to ask our American friends about that. When I buy a pint and the glass is quite full, not once have I been offered a cover or straw. I think greeting cards could be downsized by the manufacturers then they would get more on the ships coming from China. Also less trees would need to be felled and there would be less sea journeys.

Goodbye Chinese lanterns, sorry children no more balloons, you won’t miss them after a while and the next-generation will not miss them at all. When it comes to electric cars, we need to put them through a lot of testing. After this season of Formula One, let’s use only electric cars for racing. All the infrastructure is in place.

All other racing using petrol and diesel, and the TV motoring shows, should only feature electric cars. The majority could be introduced slowly so there is no need for emptying shelves, just production machines to be altered in most cases.

I am sure that there are lots of other things that could be down-sized by manufacturers, they did it with chocolate bars saying it was for our own good.

Let us do it for good of the planet. I know once humans have something they are reluctant to give it up, but we have to face it. It’s getting serious.

David Price, Ferryhill.