I WAS shocked to learn Redcar Conservative MP Jacob Young had wasted a rather valuable opportunity to request a debate in Parliament for his constituents (HAS, Feb 11).

Of all the topics to debate, Mr Young suggested one of little importance – ''the excellence of Yorkshire cycling''.

It was turned down by the Leader of the House.

Jacob Young is the first Conservative to hold the title of MP in Redcar's history. On this evidence he will most certainly be the last.

He's already earned the title "Invisible Man tribute act" when he did a no-show at Redcar's 50th anniversary Boxing Day charity dip.

Now he's wasting valuable debating opportunities.

Does he not realise Redcar is one of the most deprived towns in Britain? A town with an appalling crime rate, more food banks than shops, long-term unemployment, child poverty and deprivation.

I understand such topics are embarrassing to debate for any Tory MP, but these are the issues that need addressing.

For a Tory MP in Redcar there is no hiding place.

Stephen Dixon, Redcar.