OUR MP, Alex Cunningham, is dead right about burying nuclear waste in a low lying area, which has flooded in the past.

I can understand businesses desperate to dump their toxic waste, but local councillors up and down the local coast should have serious doubts.

Our coasts are already devoid of the life that once was common. For example, kelp etc. is being used for eating, health tablets, energy etc., but unlike France, Ireland and even poor Asian sea farmers, they don’t grow it.

A country the size of the Antarctic’s ice sheet has just broken away, so again the relentless rise of seas make coastal dumps of all nasties, worrying stupidity.

I’d just add, I’ve checked coast pools, under rocks etc from Blackhall rocks to Scarborough and found only one limpet.

Our rocks used to be black with mussels and there was always other shell life and sand worms – all gone.

Our shores and waterways could be full of life, but because of government’s lack of any sustainable policy, it looks like seafood will be off the menu for many in years to come.

C Davison, Billingham