ON September 1, the 40th Great North Run will take place and a great mate of mine called George Nicholson will, I am sure, be competing in this long standing half marathon.

George is a bit special as he is one of around 80 runners who has done all 39 Great North Runs.

I had the great fortune to play rugby with George in our days at Durham City RFC.

George was much better than me and he was also a Durham County player of note.

We mostly played vets rugby where each team had to have an over 40-year-old.

I was that 40-year-old. I am now 76 and George will be getting on a bit as well.

We really should cheer people like George, as age is just a number.

George collects for The Acorns Children’s Hospice Charity, which is very close to his heart and I think for this, his 40th Great North Run, I will give him a Malcolm Sledge for Acorns to boost his donation.

I wish I had done the Great North Run when I was quite fit. It would take me a month to do now.

Well done kidda and well done to the almost 50,000 other runners.

Malcolm Rolling, Carrville, Durham.