UNFORTUNATELY these days many people, and the police, are rightly concerned about anti-social behaviour (ASB).

However, ASB is not simply a group of youths making a lot of noise late at night, or driving noisy motor-cycles too fast down quiet streets.

I live in a village where more than half the residents are officially classified as elderly, and many are not very fast on their feet.

Yet, despite the 30mph speed limit, many irresponsible motorists, often not young people, regularly drive faster than this.

I suggest that not only is this ASB, but as it is all too likely to result in an accident with serious or even fatal consequences, it is positively dangerous, which however irritating, most ASB is not.

Thus before you complain about ASB the next time, remember the old adage that “people who live in glass-houses shouldn’t throw stones”.

Alan Jordan, Middridge.