ON January 25 my wife and I were doing a circular walk known as “The Leyburn Shawl”.

When approaching the Wensleydale Railway Line, on our way to Wensley, my wife noticed she had lost one of her gloves.

I retraced our steps over a large field we had just crossed but failed to locate it. We then continued with the walk.

Not wishing to be defeated we travelled to Leyburn again on February 3 and walked to the same spot again but didn’t spot the glove.

However retracing our steps back to the start a stone was protruding out of the boundary wall and there with a stone on top of it was the lost glove.

As it was myself that spotted it I think I gained some brownie points. Thank you to the thoughtful person who placed the glove on the stone wall.

My wife now has two warm hands when out walking.

While on the subject of thanking people I should like to praise the whole team at Carmel Medical Practice and the Cardio-Respiratory Services team at the Darlington Memorial Hospital who are both doing their upmost to cure me of an inconvenient chest pain I am experiencing to enable me to continue walking in the countryside without discomfort. Thank you NHS.

Mike Taylor, Darlington.