I DO believe that most people would agree with me that the world would be a sadder place without the birds and wonderful animals that we share this world with.

However, one of the saddest places to visit if you care about animals is a zoo.

To see cage after cage filled with lifeless animals unable to express their natural behaviour is soul destroying.

Personally I believe that all zoos should be shut down. The best way for anyone to learn about wild animals is to visit the country where they live, or, like myself, learn about them from some of the wonderful films/documentaries that have been televised.

There is never any need to hold wild animals in cages/enclosures, taking away their reason to be alive, taking away the freedom to which they were born. Wild animals were meant to be just that, wild and free.

At the very least, a caged animal should have a decent amount of space to carry out their natural behaviour, running water in the form of a stream, places to run, hide, jump, climb and explore.

Grass to roll about in, a stream to laze besides, or paddle or swim.

Their natural life has been denied them and so too has their joy of life. Why?

We need to teach our children to show care and sensitivity, we need to make them aware of the animals and world around them so that they can care for it properly.

P. Ward, Bridlington.