A GREAT advert for a career in teaching in Monday’s HAS (Feb 3). I agree with every word too.

Having taught for 40 years (or is that 30? as I had ten years off on holiday) I’m now enjoying retirement on my fabulous pension.

To all you prospective new recruits however, I would caution as to shouting and screaming at your fellow colleagues, or was that meant to be pupils, (some slight ambiguity in the letter there!) without fear of reply. And that’s from someone who was allowed to cane up until 1986. Although I never did.

Still, you can’t have everything!

The stresses and demands in education have changed but to have had a hand in influencing and inspiring someone to achieve their highest potential limited only by their ability can’t be beaten.

I still bump into ex pupils around the town and we often discuss the all-expenses paid trips to The Lakes, Flamingo Land, Theatres etc. Reminisce about both staff and pupils who were characters, both loved and hated. In fact, everything you would expect of a varied life.

Schooldays were the best days. Want a great career? Become a teacher!

John Watts, Darlington.