I THINK it is disgraceful the secretary/president of the Durham Miners’ Association should publicly declare that Conservative MPs should not attend Durham Miners’ Gala, a public event and seek advice from the police regarding their public safety.

Irrespective of people’s political beliefs, Alan Marghum has done irreparable damage to the standing of this Durham Miners’ Gala and the miners and families it represents.

Never in its long and proud history has an area official of this Durham Miners’ Association been mentioned by a Tory Prime Minister at PMQs, again throwing a spotlight on the Durham Miners’ Association for all the wrong reasons.

Previously the Durham Miners’ Association handled with dignity the issue of the student rugby team and the issue of right wing infiltration at the 2017 Gala.

Mr Marghum should resign immediately and move over to allow someone to head the Durham Miners’ Association with common sense and compassion.

Name and address supplied.