I HAVE read in your newspaper that some of the newly elected Conservative Members of Parliament intend to go to the Durham Miners’ Gala this year.

Since its inception, the Gala has been a major event in the calendar of the Labour and Trade Union Movements. In the past, Labour Prime Ministers and Cabinet Ministers have attended it and given speeches to crowds of supporters.

It has never been a rally for members of the Conservative Party. So why do these Conservative MPs want to attend an event which is clearly meant for Socialists?

I understand that the new Conservative Members of Parliament want to carry out the wishes of their constituents. Indeed there were many reasons why some of the electors in County Durham voted Conservative.

However, I do not believe that one was to ensure that their Parliamentary representatives attended the Durham Miners’ Gala.

Rather than going to the Durham Miners’ Gala, there are other more important matters which should occupy their time. Instead they should, for example, be doing something about the redundancies at Hitachi Rail, which is one of the largest employers in the region.

Andrew Dowson, Bishop Auckland.