VICTORIA DERBYSHIRE’S morning show on the BBC is to be axed as the company carry out their most welcome cost cutting programme.

Over the years I have seen snippets of the show. I cannot believe there will

be a public outcry over the decision.

Victoria receives £215,000 but even if she puts in a 40 hour stint, surely she is not worth more than a nurse, fireman or policeman. I know who I would rather rely on in an emergency – the latter three.

Is it stressful being a presenter on television? Well they do it voluntarily and, no doubt as a result of the publicity, they receive many invitations and perks outside of their broadcasting hours.

If the salary Victoria receives was reduced to what a nurse receives, £30,000 (it might not be that much) perhaps the BBC would allow her to continue.

Hopefully the new regime at the BBC will start introducing sensible salaries, and if the presenters feel they are worth more let them go – there is a lot of untapped talent in the UK.

Common sense must be brought back into the salaries of personalities – particularly those employed by the BBC.

Mike Taylor, Darlington.