ALAN MARDGHUM’S “dead in a ditch” comment made referring to an invite to the Prime Minister or indeed, any Conservative MP for Durham Miners’ Gala, just shows his ignorance.

How on earth can this man be called a president of anything? Does he think that everyone who attends votes Labour?

His comment that the Conservatives have never helped fund the Gala is a rather childish attitude to take.

Coal mining destroyed the landscape and drastically shortened the life of many of its workers, I wonder if those thousands of miners who suffered and died from black lung would like the pits to re-open?

Mr Mardghum, the past is exactly that, history, look to the future or you will never go forward.

Mines are extinct like the dodo; coal is a fossil fuel that has no place in today’s climate changing world and the Durham Big Meeting is now an excuse for a monumental drinking session.

So, Mr Durham Miners’ President, give your head a shake because if I were you I would welcome anyone who wants to come to Durham.

Banning Conservatives or their voters from our city, who have enjoyed the meeting in past – you may well preside over nowt Mr President.

John Cumberland, Rushyford.