NOMINEES for carbon footprint hypocrite of the year award are now in.

There are far too many climate hypocrites to list but here are just a few.

Meghan and Harry (now minus their royal titles) have preached about environmental issues and the need to curb that carbon craving.

Remember this was the couple who clocked up tens of thousands of flying miles indulging in many a gas guzzling trip.

We were told their frequent flights were not harming the environment because they travel on Rocketman Elton John’s private plane and use his carbon credits.

Also up for nomination is eco-hypocrite Matt Hancock, Tory health secretary, whose party had a manifesto pledge to make Britain the cleanest greenest place on the planet.

The Tories love to walk the walk – but only when they want to.

In a desperate attempt to save an ailing airline (Flybe), Matt now tells us to ditch the train and travel more by plane.

Celebrities, politicians, the rich and famous lecture from their ivory tower whilst the rest of us mere mortals are told to shower less, turn off our lights and recycle our cardboard in an orderly fashion.

Stephen Dixon, Redcar.