THE recent flooding in Indonesia and the current tragic fires in Australia have made major countries throughout the world recognise that Global Warming has to be taken more seriously compared to their earlier reservations.

For some time it has been well documented how the melting of the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic is continuing unabated and having a dramatic effect on the environment.

However, there is a positive to be taken out of this concerning scenario in that the “Extinction Rebellion” campaigning organisation have really no need to pursue their disruptive actions as they may well now have served their purpose.

The other leading light in the climate debate, Greta Thunberg, the charismatic Swedish schoolgirl has apparently returned to her education studies which will be a relief to the climate change sceptics such as President Trump, as she has been a consistent thorn in their side and the world in general.

We all now ponder the future with our fingers’ crossed.

D Wearmouth, Shildon.