IN response to the recent news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wish to take a step back from their public duties as major royals and, so to speak, be “self sufficient”.

Reminiscent of the time King Edward V111 abdicated for the love of American socialite Wallace Simpson, this seems to be a case of Harry putting himself, his wife and his child before his country, which I believe is fine, but if this is the reason he is clearly too nice a person.

I don’t mean to be derogatory to the royal family, but you need to be made of stern stuff to keep that royal upper lip and if you aren’t, you’re simply not suitable for the job.

Being a high-ranking member of the royal family may sound fantastic to many, as I believe it did to Meghan until reality set in.

It is a job and a way of life, but an enviable one I fear it is not. Let these two have as normal, albeit surreal life as possible. Meghan may even go back to acting to help pay the bills.

I wish them only the best in their quest for happiness and normality, but this must be privately (family) funded. I’m sure if they do indeed spend more time in Vancouver they will be amazingly beneficial to their newly-adopted country as Harry certainly has been to this country.

The main difference being is that Harry is a prince not a king like Edward, so others in the royal family can carry out many of his duties, maybe not with his calming normality but I’m sure the royals will manage – they have had to overcome, and come to terms with far greater setbacks than this in their long, historic and bumpy reign.

Good luck.

John Cumberland, Rushyford